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April 2022
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Roxy's story

Roxy is a young dog who was discovered running around the streets during september 2023. We think she was abandoned. She is now in private foster care. Please contact her fosterdad Peter directly: [email protected]

My character

from her fosterfamily: In spite of her backstory, she is incredibly friendly, totally focused on human attention, and so affectionate. She cries for human contact. She has a very entertaining personality, and would give you endless fun and love. She is very intelligent, and picks up information very quickly. She loves being in the car, outdoors, or going for walks. Roxy is a very happy and enthusiastic dog, and she appreciates any effort from people. She adores walking on the lead, she loves smelling everything; she loves meeting people and saying hello. She loves going in the car, and would be so happy to find people who would love her funny and affectionate personality. All my friends think she is adorable. She is not demanding about food or anything, as long as she has company. She would be a great friend for people who enjoy an active life and take her for walks and drives. She is absolutely fine in the town, as she makes friends with everyone. She really needs a very active human as she is a very high energy dog. She would be an ideal running partner! I think she is highly trainable. FACTS - Date of birth:about 18 to 20 months old Height (aprox.) : 50cm to shoulder Weigh : about 15kg Neck/chest size( if adult ) : chest about 65cm Coat : very short haired Colour : Black with red-brown legs and long, silky ears Expected height(adult): She is full size, 50cm to shoulder.

Other key facts

Loves walks - needs some training
Good with other dogs
Gets on with cats
Will suit a family
In good health

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