Meet Zippy

Born in
November 2021

Zippy's story

Zippy and his siblings were abandoned by their owner. Zippy has a sister Zara and a brother Ziggy. Another sister has been rehomed.

My character

Zippy is the white-black-brown pup and is just adorable! Once he has bonded with you, Zippy is so easy to handle and quickly learns what he's expected to do. He really wants to please his special humans and be close by them all the time. Zippy is also very mischievous and cheeky. He was named Zippy because he was always climbing out of pens as a little puppy. Once we had put him anywhere, as quick as a flash, somehow he was out again! He has always been very nosy and has his little snout into everything that's going on. Zippy size is:tip of nose to tail 65, height 47 cm, weight 17kg

Other key facts

Loves walks - needs some training
Good with other dogs
Will suit a family
In good health

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