Our volunteers

Our volunteers

We'd love you to join our team!

Our mission for finding “forever homes” for all the dogs at Stepping Stones, has now been completed.  Out official statement on the completion of our mission will appear in this space shortly, and also what happens next.  Stay tuned!

Enjoying the great outdoors!

We still have a number of dog’s who have left Stepping Stones, who are still looking for a forever home, whilst they stay with their foster families.  Scroll down to find out more.

Who are we looking for?

We are only a small charity so we mostly look for committed people that would like to volunteer on a regular basis.

If you live on the island and would like to give us some of your time, please contact us by clicking the button below. If you live outside of Greece and would like to volunteer during the seasonal period, please also get in touch, and we can arrange to meet you via Zoom or Skype.


We’d love to hear from you.  Simply click the button below, and send us a message through our Get in touch page